About US

An inspirational needs-led beginning

Go For It! (GFI) was founded back in 1995 by Michelle Clarke and another volunteer through some voluntary work with a local charity run by students for children and adults with learning disabilities to play sports.

This entailed providing free group activity sessions but also 1:1 support to about 20 young people around the villages and towns of Oxfordshire.

Having a disability as a child, Michelle found it very difficult to communicate with her parents and other people and didn’t speak until she was 5 years old due to speech impairment.

Her school identified that she was very good at sports and amazingly confident on the football pitch, tennis court or hockey court but not in the classroom.

During her volunteering, coaching sports developed her confidence. The challenge came when she led a basketball session needing to communicate with others. This was difficult at first but got easy by accepting the challenge but also support and encouragement from those around her. 

Michelle is today full of confidence, never giving up and always believing.

Our Values


The person-centred approaches that create aspirations, ambitions and confidence for achievement.


Providing relevant, high-quality care underpinned by right training and leadership.


Everyone deserves to be respected and listened to in order to thrive and flourish. In line with their human rights, everyone is treated and cared for with respect regardless of their age, disability, ethnicity, origin, political belief, race, religion, sex or gender, sexual orientation, language and or culture.


We recognize our role and responsibility as being part of multi-disciplinary delivery team working towards a common goal.